Preparing Your Home For Open Houses

Choosing to put your home on the market is no small decision. Once it’s finally been listed, you may experience a sense of relief — the big decision has been made. While this may feel like the most challenging part, there is still quite a bit of work ahead that is going to need to be done. One of the many things that come with putting your house on the market will be the unexpected open houses where potential buyers get a glimpse at the place.

As undesirable as last-minute open houses may be, they’re necessary. Keep reading for a few of the ways that you can start to prep your house for the inevitable open houses to come.

Decrease Clutter

More space is one of the primary reasons that people move from one house to the next. In most cases, there is plenty of space within a home, but clutter has taken over. Rather than showcase all of the ways that you’ve made your clutter look great, take some time to minimize your clutter completely. Go through your belongings and get rid of any items that you no longer need or haven’t used in some time. By doing this, potential buyers get the chance to see the potential for more space, which can make the house more appealing.

Pack A Little

While minimizing your clutter, in general, is a great thing to do when moving, take this time to start packing some of the things that you can live without. Doing this is beneficial for a couple of reasons. For starters, you get a head start on the packing process, which you’ll be thankful for later on. Secondly, packing up some of your stuff can help make the house look a little emptier. As we mentioned in the previous point, this is a great way to show off the space that the house has to offer.

Deep Clean

We know, the list isn’t getting any more fun, but we promise you’ll appreciate these points down the road! Deep cleaning might actually be the worst form of punishment, especially when you’re doing it in a house that you won’t be living in for much longer. Regardless, this is something that needs to happen, and it’s best to get it done before the open houses get scheduled. Whether you spend a weekend deep cleaning the house or you opt for hiring a professional, having a house that is clean at the roots will make it so that you only have to tidy up when those unexpected open houses start rolling in.

Let E-Homes Realty Help

When your home is on the market, there are bound to be a lot of moving parts. Let the team at e-Homes Realty ensure that your selling process goes smoothly. Browse the list of real estate concierge services that we offer and allow for our team to be a part of your home real estate needs right here in Gilbert. Contact us today with any questions you have or if you’re ready to get started.

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