January 10, 2020

How it Works

How it Works

Home buyers worry they won’t be able to find or afford their dream homes. Home sellers worry their homes will be on the market forever. It’s time for the worry associated with real estate to end. At e-Homes Realty, we provide comprehensive, world-class services to both buyers and sellers. Best of all, our services are customizable to your individual needs and want. How does it work? Keep reading and find out!

Free Buyer Concierge Service

If you’re interested in buying real estate, we’ve created a free buyer concierge service that connects you with real estate professionals who will protect your interests. We not only make it easy to land in a neighborhood that fits you, we use our network to win you enviable access to the area’s best financing and real estate teams.

Buying or selling a home is exciting, but it can be frustrating, too. You have to juggle timing, financing, tours, packing, paperwork — and keep up with daily life while you’re at it! However, thanks to e-Homes Realty, finding or selling a home has never been so simple. We offer cutting-edge services to buyers and sellers and can’t wait to serve you!

We provide the following toolbox for no cost:

  • Insights to find the best neighborhood for you
  • World-class lending services
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance programs
  • Connections to superior real estate agents
  • Trustworthy title and inspection companies
  • Guidance throughout the selling and buying process
  • And more!

Get Started Today

The real estate industry can be cutthroat and intimidating, we understand that. We’re here to ensure the next time you buy or sell a home, you don’t have to stress. Our revolutionary 360-degree approach includes everything you need to end up standing on the stoop of your dream home, with the keys in your hand and a giant grin on your face. Best of all, our buyer services are 100 percent FREE.

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