January 8, 2020


Our Story

Whether you’re buying or selling, the team at e-Homes knows what succeeds and what doesn’t. More importantly, we work hard to put your interests first. Every person is different, and so is their experience in the real estate industry.

That is why we cater to your needs with a combination of expertise, ideals, and work ethic. You get a revolutionary real estate service every step of the way. You get e-Homes Realty.

Our Approach

e-Homes Realty was founded on the understanding that real estate is one of the biggest, and most important, investments a person makes in their lifetime.

Low Cost

Affordable systems that sell homes for great prices

Free Buying Process

Navigate the buying process for free

Short loan downtime

Short loan downtime 

Personal Customer Service

Tailored customer service to meet an individual’s needs

Find a Home

The real estate industry can be cutthroat and intimidating, we understand that. We’re here to ensure the next time you buy or sell a home, you don’t have to stress. Our revolutionary 360-degree approach includes everything you need to end up standing on the stoop of your dream home, with the keys in your hand and a giant grin on your face. Best of all, our buyer services are 100 percent FREE.

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