January 8, 2020


Who we are

eHomes is a full-service real estate concierge located in the Gilbert, Arizona area. Our Arizona real estate agency can help you buy a home or sell a property. No matter where you are located, we can do business.

What we offer

Our search engine indexes real estate property in the Arizona area. Our custom keywords and filters help you diversify your search to find the home that’s right for you. 

How to use it

Use the search bar to query by Location, Property Type, Price, Number of Beds, and Number of Baths.

  • The Location  filter can be used to search by City, Address, Postal Code, and MLS ID.
  • The Property Type filter allows queries to focus only on certain kinds of homes, such as condos, houses, mobile homes, etc.
  • The Price filter can be used to search for homes within a budget. Specify a minimum and maximum bid. 
  • The number of Bed and Baths can be defined to limit the number of beds and baths search results come with. 
  • The More filter can be used to customize the search with options such as high schools, separate guest houses, adult communities, golf courses, when the homes were built, etc. 

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