House Verses Home

House Verses Home

When homebuyers begin their search, they’re shopping for a house. They need a place to live. Somewhere suitable to meet their needs. Maybe it’s located near a well renowned school district, or a short distance from the city center. Cost is probably a factor, so it’s imperative this place is within their budget. If the cost is higher than they’re willing to spend, there might be another house further down the street, or in a suburb of cookie cutter homes on the outskirts of downtown.

Why spend more when they could spend less?

The suburb is a great place to raise children, anyways. It’s bigger and cheaper than houses in the city. Certainly bigger than an apartment.

One of the houses on the market is brand new. The microwave in the kitchens isn’t stained with the smell of popcorn. There’s a bird bath in the front yard that matches a wrought iron fence. Homebuyers know this because there are pictures on the website. And that app in their phone gives them an easily accessible, 360-degree view of the interior, backyard, and front yard.    

Floor to ceiling glass doors connect the master bedroom to the backyard. The backyard has a pool, with a putting green alongside it. On the other side of the fence, a dry heat shimmers from a neighbor’s backyard. Even through the phone, the picture is clear enough for a smell of dust to trigger with the backdrop of mountains in the distance. This is a place someone can find sanctuary in. Somewhere to create memories.

Maybe there are better options. Ok, there are many houses in the suburbs, some of them cheaper, and some of them closer to downtown; maybe they don’t have as much space, but if they fit the budget, they’re worth looking into.

And even if this house doesn’t work out, at the end of the day, its little more than a few walls, a roof, a backyard, a front yard, and a driveway.

There are many houses on the market.

After all, it’s the deal the buyer covets, in the state they call their home.

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